We offer small group lessons and private lessons for both beginners as well as experienced riders wishing to learn the sport of vaulting, including sessions for special needs children and veterans with disabilities. We also offer both English and Western riding lessons and private trail rides.

Lessons and Prices

Lesson Type Price
Private Vaulting Lessons $80 for a 1 ½ hour lesson
Group Vaulting Lessons $60 for a 2 hour lesson
Group Monthly Lessons $300/month for up to 2 group lessons per week
Therapeutic Riding Lessons $80 for a 1 hour lesson with a PATH Intl certified riding instructor
Other Packages and Services Contact us for specific pricing

Forms and Waivers

All students must have a liability waiver on file with us before participating in any activities on property. Please print out and sign the appropriate form below and bring it with you to your first session. 

What Is Equestrian Vaulting?

Equestrian vaulting is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance on top of a horse that moves in a circle, controlled by a lunger standing in the middle. Vaulters will train on the barrel (a fake horse) before getting on the real thing. Once ground rules have been established, the vaulter may start vaulting on the horse at the standstill or the walk. As the vaulter improves, they go at the trot and then up to the canter. Canter vaulters are separated into different groups based on their skill.

Vaulting is both an individual and a team sport, depending on what the vaulter prefers. In both categories, vaulters compete in compulsories and freestyle. Compulsories are compulsory moves that must be done by everyone, no matter what level; they do change and get harder as the vaulter progresses through the ranks. Individual freestyle is a routine that lasts one minute, while team freestyle lasts four minutes and there can be one to three vaulters on the horse at a time.

What to Wear to Lessons

  • For vaulting lessons, wear tight-fitting clothes, preferably a tight tank top and yoga pants. If you have long hair, tie it up into a ponytail. Wear tennis shoes.
  • For riding lessons, wear jeans or riding breeches. For shoes wear boots or closed toe shoes.

What to Bring to Lessons

  • For vaulting lessons, bring vaulting shoes if you own them and something to drink.
  • For riding lessons, bring a helmet (we do provide a helmet if you do not have one) and something to drink.

Questions? Ready to Schedule a Lesson?

Call us at (213) 509-0505 or email us at info@saltrivervaulters.com

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