Upcoming Virtual Competition

    Coach Annie and her team with their Miss Universe theme at a competition in 2016.

     Due to the pandemic, there will not be any in-person vaulting competitions this season. Instead, the American Vaulting Association is holding a virtual competition that will allow our club to compete! This year, nationals was supposed to be held on the east coast, which would have been very expensive and difficult to coordinate. Now we have the opportunity to film at our lovely facility.
     We will be taking videos of our vaulters as they show off their impressive abilities both on the horse and the barrel. Every vaulter has been working very hard learning the moves that they will perform. For the six vaulters competing, each will participate in two main categories — compulsories and freestyle. We will be showing off our compulsories at the trot and canter, with some of our canter vaulters in the preliminary class and others in the novice class. All freestyles will be on the barrel.
     Submissions are due August 20th, so we are currently aiming to have our big filming day on Saturday, August 15th. This will be a very fun opportunity for everyone involved filled with games and sweet treats. And of course, we will all have the chance to learn what a competition is like! Our uniforms are currently being made by GrettaWear, which will have everyone looking professional on the day of filming. Coach Annie will have to overcome her biggest fear and learn how to do hair; every vaulter and lunger with long hair must have it up in a tight bun. Coach Kadriya will get to experience the competition from all sorts of different perspectives, as she will act as a lunger, coach, and vaulter!
     Overall, we are having a blast with this experience and we are excited to show off everyone’s abilities.
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