Meet our staff



Kadriya has been working with horses for over 20 years, starting in Moscow, Russia, where she learned vaulting even before riding. This is a common practice in many European countries that she is trying to incorporate into the club and any riders that she works with. Upon moving to Arizona in 2016, she found no vaulting clubs in the state and eventually decided that this needed to change. She started Salt River Vaulting Club in 2019 and the club became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2020. Kadriya also became PATH Intl. certified in January of 2020 and specializes in coaching children and adults with special needs. Her passion is teaching beginners and children with special needs about vaulting, riding, and horsemanship in general. Outside of coaching vaulting and riding, she trains horses.



Having been involved with horses since 2007, Jarred has over 10 years of riding under his belt. Jarred started in the hunter/jumper before moving to Arizona in 2010. Upon arriving in Arizona, he wanted to take horses to the next level and was set on becoming a vet technician. After taking multiple classes at Scottsdale Community College equine program, he decided that he would keep horses as his hobby and not pursue a career in horses. Jarred has been vaulting since 2018, which started when he went on a trip to Russia where he was thrust into learning vaulting after only his first few hours of being in the country. He has been involved with the club since its inception and continues to actively participate to this day.



Annie has been vaulting since 2005, when she started with a drop-in class with Mt. Eden Vaulting Club in Saratoga, CA. After just one session, she knew that vaulting was the sport for her. Over her 10-year vaulting career, she competed at local, regional, national, and international levels both in team and individual classes. She stopped doing individuals after she received her Bronze medal and worked her way up to vaulting for the B team in 2014-2016. Annie has participated in several clinics in Saratoga and has been to a training camp in Denmark twice; she has worked with instructors such as Stefan Csandl, Hannah Eccles, and Daniel Kaiser.
Annie was asked to coach for Mt. Eden in 2017, which she did for two seasons, coaching individual and team classes -- from tiny tots to the B team. After being accepted to the University of Arizona, she moved to Tempe and was extremely excited to learn that she was going to be able to vault and coach with Salt River Vaulters. Annie believes that the most important thing at vaulting, right behind safety, is to have fun. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!

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